Reenacting the Crimes

A behind the scenes look of how Forensic Files develops its reenactments.

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  1. Love this show, wish true-tv would air it like they used to really miss this show.

  2. Ur programme is incomparable. I’m a Kenyan n thanks to e-Africa Tv for airing it,but why not for 7 days? Are there dvds for the same?Keep it up!

  3. I love everything about this show. When I heard that it was coming to DVD, I put it on my calendar and couldn’t wait to pick up my copies. I’m almost finished watching them all, but realize that there are a lot of episodes missing. Does anyone know if there will be a follow up set with more episodes?

  4. This is THE BEST Crime Drama on TELEVISION. I refuse to watch C.S.I., or any of the fake crime shows. When “Forensic Files” comes on, I am NOT changing the channel. It is FABULOUS…the narration is top notch as well. Thanks for a well produced show.

  5. And thanks for interviewing the prosecutors, investigators, etc. I used to live in Spartanburg, SC, and I was glad to learn that former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy is now the US Representative from District 4. Great show, too. On the news this a.m., a man was charged with rape of a woman a decade or so ago. DNA had been saved in her case, and the forensic scientists were able to match the DNA with that of the rapist, who happens to be behind bars for an unrelated crime.

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