Pet Rock

The woman hadn’t shown up for work in two days, and her boss reported her missing.  When her body was found, the evidence pointed to suspects who claimed they had nothing to do with the crime.  The victim, herself, would help police prove they were lying.

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  1. Worked in south bay, florida, isaac was inmate there, never knew what he was convicted of… shocked!

  2. Her killer Luis Caballero died of cancer in jail about a year and a half ago and I am glad this sick bastard is dead. He was a horrible man and what he did to Denise will NEVER be forgivable.

  3. Getting ready to watch again, PET ROCK……..will never forget, DENISE ROSE ., my neighbor. Forgive me, GOD, but i am so happy Luis & Robert are dead!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Anne & Kelly, I still keep you in my prayers.

  4. Just watched the story for the first time and can not stop crying. My God, my God, there are just no words to describe my utter sadness for this BEAUTIFUL young lady. May God wipe away her tears. I caught a glimpse of the update. It appears, ( I don’t even want to type his name) one killer is dead, and possibly the other but I wasn’t sure and can’t find any info on how the second piece of garbage died. One more left, and I hope his death comes swiftly and just as brutally as Denise. May God rest her sweet soul. If anyone is still reading this thread, I’d love to know how the second idiot died. I hope he suffered as well. May God bless the O’Neil family until they can be reunited with their lovely Denise.

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