Needle in a Haystack

There was no apparent reason for the young, healthy college student to be dead.  But when the medical examiner found the tiniest of clues during the autopsy, investigators were able to unravel the mystery of betrayal and revenge.

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  1. needle in the haystack 2009 Why didn’t forensics check for propanol SiNCE Michael Jackson died for the same reason 2009…. unless this happened before he died in 2009 I would think the autospy would include looking for small tiny needle holes in body by default….I would automatically think that way…,, Labs should include this in all autospys
    are you guys (forsenic sciencetist) living under a rock
    GREAT Show I watch all of them forsensic dateline ID investigate 2020 I LOVE IT some I guess BRING IT ON MORE CHALLENGING PLEASE

  2. Best show ever! I love this show! I hope to one day become a detective and get to solve many crimes!

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