Dirty Laundry

The victim was a self-made man who never minced words.  Perhaps he was murdered by a disgruntled employee.  Perhaps the racy photos in his safe held the clue to solving the crime.  Or perhaps investigators could follow the money and find the killer.

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  1. i really enjoy watching medical detectives due to the ingenuity which is displayed by various professionals who work hand-in-hand in unravelling the mysteries behind murders. however, i am no more home so i do not get the chance to watch it regularly. please could it be possible that the stories be made also in written forms ( esp pdf format) so that i can download and read?

  2. Medical Detectives Hello friends!
    I am Brazilian and I love this wonderful series, is my favorite.
    You do a great job. Besides showing the advances in
    forensic technology, impartially portrays the crimes that without these
    competent and dedicated professionals go unpunished.
    Congratulations to Brazil loves you!

  3. I watch almost all the episodes broadcast in South Africa. You do such a great job,,big up medical detectives.

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