Crimes of Passion

Nothing is off limits when Forensic Files  needs to tackle a crime of passion.

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  1. Put all these murderers to death and quit sending to prison for innocent people to keep up for the rest of their life. It will stop some of the murders from happening. God says send to me to judge there is no salvation in the flesh for premeditated murder.

  2. Love this show I hadn’t seen it since the named changed thought they took it off but one night I decided to give this new show a try,why did u change the name?

  3. Hie to u all medical detectives staff?Keep the good work u ar doing.May the Almighty God bless u all so that u continue to solve these murders.I salute u guys.

  4. Omg! I love these videos and all these stuff because at our school we have a little group called Science Tech and we learn Forensic Science all the time, I basically know everything and what to do in a crime scene.

  5. I have been watching it from the year 2003. I’ve learned a lot of interesting things.

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