Forensic Terms

Computer Forensics

The application of computer technology for the purpose of examining potential evidence, including, but not limited to: theft of trade secrets; theft of, or destruction of property; and fraud. Specialists can recover data that has been deleted, encrypted, or damaged.

Composite Drawing

A sketch of a suspect produced from eyewitness-descriptions of one or more persons.

Clinical Forensic Nursing

The application of clinical nursing practice to trauma survivors or to crime victims, involving the identification of the unrecognized, unidentified injuries, and the proper processing of forensic evidence


A rod-like structure in the nucleus of a cell along which genes are located.

Cause of Death

Any injury or disease that results in physical trauma to the body, leading to death. Medical Examiners and/or Coroners will make the determination of cause, either at the scene or during a subsequent autopsy.


A substance that accelerates the rates of chemical reactions but is not itself permanently changed by the reaction.

Cast-off Blood

Blood that travels from a source due to the movement of that source. A bleeding person will cast-off blood, as will a weapon or other item that is in movement.


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