Forensic Terms

Gas Chromatograph (GC)

A forensic tool used to identify the chemical makeup of substances used in the commission of crimes. The questioned substance is burned at high temperatures. The temperature at which this material becomes gas is then charted to determine its makeup.

Geographic Profiling

A method to help investigators locate serial offenders. The sites and times of serial crimes in a given jurisdiction are entered into a computer program. This program then processes the information to give investigators a hypothetical area in which the perpetrator lives and operates.


A unit of inheritance located on a chromosome.

Forensic Sculpting

The attempt by a sculptor to create a likeness of a given individual using his or her skull.

Forensic Science

The application of science to law and the investigation of criminal activity.

Forensic Psychologist

A trained mental health professional who examines suspects, perpetrators and victims in order to establish their psychological state and their ability to participate in the legal process.


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