2020 Update from Forensic Files Creator Paul Dowling

Good news!  Forensic Files is back in production with 16 new episodes airing on HLN starting February 23, 2020 under the name Forensic Files II.

Lots of new cases with new forensic technology not yet in use when we last were in production.

Forensic Fan Videos

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Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered how we pull off all the stunts and recreations in Forensic Files? We reveal the secrets in our Behind the Scenes video series.

Peter Thomas

At Forensic Files® he is jokingly referred to as “the franchise.” Peter has been in this business for more than 50 years – narrating Academy Award winning documentaries, television specials, concert performances and commercials. It’s a thrill and honor having him as a part of the Forensic Files® series. Peter is the son of a […]