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“I am always watching Forensic Files! You know they’re going to catch the husband that killed his wife every time because of that blood sample. It’s a great show!”
– Joan Rivers

“What the producers do so well is structure these forensic mysteries in a way that holds your attention…simple, straight forward, compelling. Dare I say, it’s the best show on television.”
– John Nolte, BigHollywood, Breibart.com

“Forensic Files is my favorite show! I am fascinated with forensics & this show really shows how crimes come to life & how forensics solve these crimes.”
– Kim Kardashian

“I love Forensic Files…It’s an opportunity to watch genuine, real people behaving in high-stakes circumstances. I never get to see that in real life.”
– Edie Falco

“I live for Forensic Files. I try so hard to understand why people do bad things. This show is so informative. I’m officially, well, obsessed.”
– Kirstin Chenoweth

“It’s my favorite show. It’s like, the best crime drama in the world–except it’s real.”
– Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order:Special Victims Unit

” I am completely and utterly hooked to all the great shows on A&E and Court TV (now tru TV) that are about small town murder. These shows like “Forensic Files.”
– Kevin Pollak

“Why would you watch CSI or any of the other shows if you can watch the real thing?”
– Jay Leno

“For the best in whodunit satellite TV programming, real forensic fans know to head over to Forensic Files on the TruTV channel. ”
– Exptv.com

“This show is brilliant and compelling, one of my all time favorite series. ”
– Montel Williams

“You guys rule!”
– Patton Oswalt, King of Queens

“Forensic Files is definitely one of my favorite shows”
– Barry Zito, Pitcher San Fransico Giants

“A cross between Unsolved Mysteries and Nova, this stone-faced, high-tech whodunit series delves into the world of forensic medicine, documenting police and doctor-stumping cases (diseases of the week, stray-bullet deaths, DNA matching, etc.) with you-are-there interviews, computer graphics and archival news footage.”
– Entertainment Weekly

“…utterly fascinating…it knows how to use its edginess to rope in the viewer, and it showcases that skill…”
– The Hollywood Reporter

“We are most impressed with your production of our John Bruce Dodson murder case. We must admit that we are still amazed that you were able to take a five year investigation and turn it into a half hour show and didn’t miss a fact of the case. We highly recommend Forensic Files to any law enforcement agency with a case involving forensic evidence. You guys are the best of the best.”
– Investigator Bill Booth, Office of the District Attorney. 21st Judicial District of Colorado

“The best series on forensic medicine I’ve ever seen.”
– Tony Hammond, U.S. Justice Department

“The detail of how they figure these things out is amazing”
– Dodd Mitchell, Designer


  1. This show is really great; it inspires me to want to study and highlights the importance of science in solving criminal cases.

  2. I live in Turkey and I am always searching online to watch Forensic Files because it does not air here. You guys are wonderful.

  3. great tv show the besti always watch forensic files

  4. I love watching the show. It is very interesting I trust people less in life just by watching the show. I Am always be careful.

  5. My nephew didn’t know what to study for and had a temporarily job at a warehouse. After watching a sequence like Forensic Files he decided to study for forensics. And now he works as a forensic examiner in a mobile lab. Last time I spoke to him he told me that they solve around 90-95% of the crimes. Anyway, I myself love watching Forensic Files (and similar programs) and everytime again I’m amazed what forensic science can do. I remember a case where they could track down the villain by just a leave or a little piece of tooth (rest of the body was completely burnt).

  6. I love watching Forensic Files. It’s amazing what they’re able to do theses days. I just really like true crime shows .

  7. I have learned so much by watching The Forensic Files Show on TV. The things folks do are so unkind one to another. It took me a long time to learn but I am learning. Some folk are so unkind and forget that their is a God to face one day for their actions. Thanks, Betty

  8. Before watching Forensic Files… I used to complain about my family….

  9. I have watched many of your programs and have loved each one. I hope and pray that many more will be shown very soon. Thank you!

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