Skeleton Key

The woman was missing for a month. Police find her car but no evidence of foul play… only a fingerprint and a set of keys. There’s a code on one of they keys, which they hope will unlock not only a door, but also the mystery of her disappearance.

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  1. i think there’s 2 episodes, with Trey Gowdy, in them. he’s got a nice television personality, anfd i noticed, he’s an ambitious polititian also.

    1. Hi – there are actually 3 Forensic File episodes Trey Gowdy is in. I am a big fan of his in politics.
      The episodes are: Skeleton Key, DNA Dragnet and Driven to Silence. He was an awesome prosecutor
      and now doing great things in Congress.

  2. I love watching this forensic files on TV, and I am very happy to find out that I can watch it on the website too 🙂 I can’t get enough of watching this. It’s so interesting, and fascinating me that the science and technology are able to solve the mystery murder. Thank you for having this forensic file to watch on my laptop 🙂

  3. i live in the netherlands and i am 50 years. the “forensic files” series (2000) are very captivating and shocking, one can’t imagine that it really has happened. it also gives me restless moments, i am just thinking how the world is full of creeps. i am interested in real crime stories and i am reading many on the internet, like jack the ripper, lindbergh kidnapping case, doctor hawley harvey crippen and many others.

  4. Mr. Gowdy is also in the Home Invasion episode. Binney (I think that is how you spell the killer’s name) murdered a random lady in a home invasion because he (Binney) had molested his own infant and decided if caught he didn’t want to go to jail as a child molester but a murderer.

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