Safety Tips

  1. If you are summoned to stop your car by someone behind you with lights flashing, DO NOT stop until you are in a well-lit, public area. The police understand an unwillingness to stop at night, in a dark, isolated area.
  2. Beware of “bump & rob” accidents: drivers who deliberately bump someone’s car to get them to stop, and then robs them. If this happens to you, do not stop to exchange personal and insurance information until you’re in a safe, well lit area.
  3. Look inside, around and behind your car quickly before getting in. If there’s a problem with your vehicle, don’t take assistance from anyone standing nearby. He may have sabotaged the car in the first place.
  4. If you get a flat tire or your car breaks down at night or in a deserted area, stay in your car with windows up and locked. Either call for help or if someone offers to help, ask him or her through a window, to call police or a towing service for you.
  5. Do not stop to help other motorists. Call the police instead.
  6. Always have gas in your car. Always have money for a cab or bus.
  7. Never open your home or apartment door to anyone you do not know or completely trust. Use a peephole to see who is there first.
  8. Don’t allow children to answer the door. They’re less cautious.
  9. If your child answers the telephone, she should never reveal when she’s home alone. She should say “(the person you’re calling) can’t come to the phone right now” and take a message.
  10. When getting on an elevator, stand near the buttons, push your floor button only after the others do. If you are suspicious of others, get off immediately.
  11. Ask anyone giving you a ride not to leave until you are safely inside your building or until you start your car and drive off.
  12. If you plan to meet a stranger, like someone from the Internet, or someone you don’t completely trust, do so in a public place. ALWAYS have an “angel” – a friend who knows the name/address and telephone number of the person you’re going to meet. Make sure the person you meet knows this.



  1. Dolores says:

    Good tips. Thank you!!

  2. Shaunte says:

    Thank you for these tips. I teach 6th grade and we sometimes look at forensics in Science. I will share these tips with my students.

  3. Galitz says:

    you surely change not one or two but several lives with these great tips on safe-living Thanks a lot

  4. john says:

    thank for the tips

  5. cyndi says:

    And ladies dont forget the rule if attacked; never let them take you to a second location, fight on the spot.

  6. Sheila says:

    I am so concerned about the huge number of women who are victims of violent crime. I am wondering if I (and all other girls and women) should take a self-course.

  7. Dogivanis says:

    Useful tips for everyone.
    No upset, no aggresive!

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