Q. How do I find the title of an episode I saw recently?
A. If you know what day and time you saw the show, please visit trutv.com and navigate to their programming schedule. The current week’s Forensic Files® episodes are listed by title.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for please feel free to email us with a description of the episode and we will do our best to help you. If possible, please try to include names of those involved in the case.

Q. How do I suggest a case for a Forensic Files® Episode? What do you look for when considering a case?
A. We welcome you to email us here with any suggestions. Please be sure the case has been solved, and all appeals have been exhausted. Be sure to include all pertinent names, dates, and locations.

We always look for cases with interesting forensic science. In other words, something out-of-the ordinary, preferably with some sort of ‘red herring’ or twist involved.

Q. Somebody I know has been wrongfully convicted of a crime. Can you help?
A. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to conduct independent investigations. However, there are many Innocence Projects in the U.S. that devote their time specifically to the exoneration of individuals believed to be innocent. Please click here to find the Innocence Project nearest to you.

Q. Somebody I know has been the victim of a crime and the local law enforcement does not seem to be helping. Can you help?
A. Again, we cannot conduct independent investigations, however, there are organizations that can refer you those who may be able to help:

National Center For Victims of Crime

National Center for Parents of Murdered Children, Inc.

Witness Justice

Q. I am interested in pursuing a career in forensic science. Where do I start?
A. Our Resources Page lists different forensic science fields, forensic terms, and some helpful links to professional organizations. We highly suggest you visit the American Academy of Forensic Science (LINK: www.aafs.org) website. They have a program called the Young Forensic Scientists Forum (YFSF), which is dedicated to helping young people who want to become forensic scientists. Here you will find resources including colleges with forensic science programs, mentoring programs, newsletters, and links to other organizations.



  1. Jeff Wright says:

    when will the rest of the episodes be available on DVD?

  2. Danielle James says:

    Where do you get the stories you create an episode out of? Is it just a team that looks for interesting cases?

  3. Kyle Jones says:

    Will every episode ever be available on DVD?

  4. Linda Swanson says:

    Couldn’t find your program for some time. It was renamed Mystery Detectives and I didn’t know what happened to it.

    Love this program. Hope you have new ones coming up. The name change kept me from finding it again. LOVE IT and hope to view it again and again. Thanks for the quality of every show.

  5. Lerato Matsoso says:

    I just love your show,im from South Africa and i watch it everyday and i think your doing a good job.

  6. Lerato Matsoso says:

    I just love your show,im from South Africa and i watch it everyday,i never cared about Forensic but since i watched Medical Detectives i love it so much and i think lot of people here loves it too,i think your doing a good job.

  7. Matthew says:

    I haven’t seen a new episode on HLN in years. Only reruns. Are you planning on producing new shows?

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