1. Hi Forensic Files,
    I wanted to say that Oba Chandler from Water Logged was executed already. It doesn’t say that already.

  2. I got done watching the show where a man killed a lady while out on bond for raping his 3 month old, binney was his name.My comment or thought was, in what state does a man accused of raping a 3 month old have a bond at, sad he was able to commit murder when he should have been in jail with no bond.Just my 2 cents

  3. I recently watched the episode Holy Terror, there is inconsistencies about the 2 young men from the high school

  4. Hi Forensic Files, I wanted to say that Doug Plude was convicted of murdering his wife, Genelle. He was just resentenced to 25 years. The episode is High ‘n’ dry.

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