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peter thomasAt Forensic Files® he is jokingly referred to as “the franchise.” Peter has been in this business for more than 50 years – narrating Academy Award winning documentaries, television specials, concert performances and commercials.
It’s a thrill and honor having him as a part of the Forensic Files® series.

Peter is the son of a Welsh minister and an English schoolteacher, who learned from his parents how to communicate, project, and enunciate. Every night growing up, Peter read stories aloud to his family, which perfected his technique. Peter served this country proudly in World War II with the First Infantry Division in Europe, receiving five battle stars, the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, and the Unit French Croix de Guerre. Peter continues to be active in veterans affairs throughout the world.

Next time you hear Peter on our show – listen to his delivery carefully. He’s the Babe Ruth of the business. There is no one better.

Below, is a news story tribute to Peter and his humanitarian work.

International College recently honored Peter A. Thomas with the 2004 Humanitarian of the year award. Peter is an award-winning narrator for TV, radio, commercials, and film.

Mr. Thomas, named as the first recipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Television and Radio Association, also is a World War II Army veteran who served with the First Infantry Division in Europe.

“I think the Humanitarian of the Year Award is the greatest honor that has ever been bestowed upon me,” Thomas said. “I’m particularly honored the award comes from the International College because I relate to the education it provides to its adult learners. I know the sacrifice and dedication it takes for those students to succeed.”

Mr. Thomas was born on June 28, 1924, in Pensacola, to Dr. John D. Thomas and Sibyl Addenbrooke. Mr. Thomas learned the values of history, music, speaking, education, and integrity from his Welsh father, a Presbyterian minister, and his British mother, a schoolteacher from Salisbury. Mr. Thomas acknowledges that memory assignments given to him during his formative years, coupled with his father’s philosophy that “words must be visualized, understood, and felt before spoken,” created the foundation for the gifted narrator he is today.

Dedication landed a then 13-year-old Mr. Thomas his first radio job in a daily drama. After graduating from high school in 1943, he joined the Army and was one of 28 replacements sent to Omaha Beach the day after D-Day. The life-altering experience gave him a deeper appreciation for fellow soldiers, his country, and freedom.

Mr. Thomas returned to radio after WWII and attended college as an adult learner through the GI Bill. He also married his high school sweetheart, Stella Barrineau. He eventually left college for a job with CBS television in New York. Thirteen years later, Peter left CBS to pursue freelance narration and documentary work fulltime.

“Peter certainly merits the Humanitarian of the Year honor bestowed upon him by International College. Peter is a person of sterling character who has devoted his life to causes for the advancement of mankind,” said Moorings Presbyterian Church Pastor Emeritus Dr. Charles Webster.

Dolly Roberts, Founder & President of DBR Marketing, said that while Mr. Thomas is a legend in the industry, his humanity is also renowned.

“One of the remarkable things about Peter and Stella is their ability to understand what makes the community special and then work hard to preserve it,” Roberts said. “They are extremely generous with their time. They are the genuine articles. I love them dearly.”

Peter works everyday and has dedicated himself to improving the community through charitable work with Stella. Mr. Thomas also is a devoted veteran, serving as a board member for the National D-Day Memorial Foundation, contributing to the MIA Society and Veterans Council, and organizing the 50th Anniversary Veterans of Naples Parade.

“Peter Thomas is a man of exceptional quality, character, and conviction,” said Dr. William McIntosh, President of the National. D-Day Memorial Foundation. “Mr. Thomas’ sustained, faithful service to the National D-Day Memorial and the Foundation has been unstinting. It reflects both the patriotism and the generosity of spirit that inform Peter’s life.”

Download a PDF version of the article.

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  1. says:

    Hello, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this article. It was funny. Keep on posting!

  2. Marc E says:

    The voice of Peter Thomas is the most fascinating voices of all times. It gives the series such unique identity like no other. What an amazing story teller.!!!

  3. Gabrielle says:

    LOVE that narrator’s voice. He has a voice that sounds like he’s telling a ghost story! Here’s to you Peter Thomas…DON’T EVER GO AWAY!!! <3

  4. gadaphi says:

    He is a wise and talented, gentle man; to me he is my role model in that field. God bless

  5. rose says:

    There’s something about his voice thst does something wonderful to me. I look forward to every weekend to watch forensic files. Wtg peter I adore u

  6. vicki says:

    Mr. Thomas is a wonderful humanitarian and patriot. We are grateful for his service to our country. His voice has a comforting and reassuring sound, and we love tuning into his programs and documentaries as often as we can.

  7. Eric Crossland says:

    Peter Thomas Is with no doubt one of the best narrarators ever. I was a forensic files addict not for just the interesting story’s but listening to Peter was what made it so intriguing . Thanks Peter ur the best!!!!

  8. Andile Mbanjwa says:

    I think he’s the best narrator I’ve ever heard in the world. The way he narrates is different to any other narrator i’ve heard on radio and TV. He is the best!

  9. flavian komba says:

    You are just the best. your voice seems 50 while u are 89

  10. Wilma says:

    Peter Thomas has the most unique voice I have ever heard. I love to hear his wonderful voice on Forensic Files and other programs. I just wished I could hear his voice in person. Peter, you are the best! Regards.

  11. Delight says:

    We so often neglect, throughout our lives, to give praise and admiration to those who possess the ultimate of their craft. There are very few that excel above and beyond…Peter Thomas is one of those individuals…what a gift he has and has shared all these years with us…A fabulous voice of a comforting, caring soul that resinates from his mouth…A true rare gift…that we get to enjoy each time it is opened…!!! He is remarkable and unreplaceable. His compassion and expertise in narriation is Oscar worthy in anything he Does … BRAVO-“Peter Thomas”-BRAVO !!! Loved you for many years…and will continue for many more…Happy Holidays to you and your lovely wife.

  12. Claudia Moyer Larsen says:

    Mr. Thomas: you deserve all the medals and honor bestowed on you. What an impressive resume and fine role model you are. My daughter and I have long been intrigued by your narration of Forensic Files, which we rarely miss on a Saturday. Between you and Nancy Grace, I just can’t get enough of forensics and crime coverage. Please don’t ever retire because there will be no replacing you. God Bless.

  13. mike recore says:

    I love peter hes the only reason i started watching forencics files. his voice is amaamazing

  14. Federico valles says:

    Love is voys the best narrator ever

  15. Federico valles says:

    Forensic files & mystery detectives the best show in TV

  16. whomdphd says:

    Mr. Thomas, sir: Blessings to you and your wife, Stella, this holiday season on the Twelfth Day of Christmastide, 2014 A+D. Your life’s story is an inspiration to many, as is … of a certainty … your remarkable tonality of voice, which is so utterly warm, genuine and convincing. Indeed, as a physician based in southeastern Michigan and northern Ohio, I have leaned strongly towards seeking out a Beaumont doctor for myself, on the basis of that radioe-wave beamed conviction … and such sawbones are a rival of sorts! At ease, then. You may chuckle at will, sir. Pax et gaudium!

  17. Michael D. Kirkland says:

    Dear Peter, as I told you many times, you sound as wonderful now as you did 45 years ago when I worked in radio in Central Florida! There were a number of public service announcements you did for The AD Council and I remember them clearly. I appreciate your kindness and the friendship we’ve maintained over the past few years. It was exciting to eventully find” you and share those things of the past. You are such a great man and have contributed much to society. At 85 yesrs old you are a credit to humankind as you continue to work and for the love and support you continually have for Stella, Liz and Thomas jr…you’re a one of a kind and a real gem and I am so proud to call you a friend. My prayers are with you and your family, especially for continued good health. God Bless You…

  18. nkosi mthembu says:

    Mr Thomas you are every ones’ inspiration nd u deserve every awards nd all the honor. your are a genius! Salute!

  19. Mary says:

    Mr. Thomas,

    I have been listening to your voice for years. I am a biology teacher and have enjoyed all the science programs you have narrated especially (Changing Seas PBS). I would like to know if you would sit by a campfire in the everglades and eat s’mores with a bunch of students and tell ghost stories??? Your voice is fantastically appealing….. Keep it going…..


  20. Veronica says:

    His voice is great. This makes watching Forensic Files enjoyable.

  21. Maria Landaverde says:

    I been watching forensic files for years, I am 40 but Mr. Thomas have a voice that call attention. Most of the shows I been watching in channel 101 had been for his interesting sound of voice and the impact sound that he give to each Essene of the show.

    I imagined him to be in His 40s also however,. I think his energy is in the 40s. Keep it up Peter

  22. bashir says:

    Peter Thomas you are most telanted wonderful enjoyable story teller that i ever had listened for many years i enjoyed your documantaries and i almost addicted to them i love your voice more than anything else dont a way Petter stay for ever

  23. Jeffrey says:

    I absolutely love this show. I been watching it for close to 10 years when I first started seeing it on Court TV. I even remember them doing an episode about a murder in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where I live. Peter’s deep voice adds so much value to the show and he seems to explain things so well for the viewers. This show inspired me to become interested in Forensics. If I had a strong science background I probably would have went to school to work in the field.

  24. Kheswa says:

    Peter Thomas is the only reason i’m addicted to Medical Detectives.His voice adapts to every scene.

  25. Kathleen Hoseid says:

    Joanna Otto kidnapped (19 years). Sculpture in Pensacola FL . Body?

    Kathleen Hoseid

  26. RDNKTXN says:

    Peter Thomas really is the best at what he does !

  27. ui2105 says:

    Amazing story about this child of immigrants. So immigrants do contribute positively to American life and culture — what a revelation!

  28. Virginia muthoni. says:

    I looove this man’s voice and I’m addicted to medical detectives but my God,I thought he was 40 if not 35…wow! Hes truly an inspiration and a deserving role model.

  29. maritza says:

    I have always loved his voice is unique and ageless. It sounds like 30 year.20 years. Is ageless do I need to say more? I love Mr. Thomas ….

  30. tim says:

    Whats odd is i saw a interview with peter thomas his voice sounds different then forensic files must change sound when he talks though certain audio equipment .. or how he presents it

  31. Diana Campanella says:

    If Peter Thomas is not narrating a documentary, I have trouble watching it! His voice makes the show! Thank you Peter Thomas!!!

  32. Debra Fox says:

    Hi Mr. Thomas, Just had to tell you that I have been intrigued with your voice for years and just discovered that you are a WW11 Vet and humanitarian. Thank you for your sacrifices, your service, your giving heart and for the gift of narration that so many of us love. You dear heart, are a national treasure!!! God bless you!

  33. Shawnta C says:

    Mr. Thomas I LOVE ur voice. I suffer with migrans & the meds I take don’t alwys work, but I can hear ur voice & fall fast asleep! So now when I tell my boyfriend Im n pain he grabs the remote & ask what channel is ur mystery man on? I wish I could just record ur voice ur voice is my sleep aid! I wacth Forensic Files just to hear you!
    Thank u

  34. Patrick Pearsey says:

    I love Forensic Files and the narration of Peter Thomas. I didn’t know anything about him until a few minutes ago and am amazed at his life story. I particularly enjoy his narration at the end of an episode while wrapping up how each forensic clue led the solution of the crime.

  35. Lisa says:

    So glad I looked you up, what an amazing career. I have listened to that wonderful voice for years. Just so you know I fall asleep with you every night, thank you ……

  36. David says:

    Mr. Thomas is a treasure. I love the forensic science utilized in THE FORENSIC FILES. Mr. Thomas’ mastery of the English language and diction is second to none. He is truly a one if a kind.

  37. kerry says:

    Impeccable english mixed with being a great storyteller makes peter the best narrator around. The time flies when I watch up to 4 episodes at a time of this intriguing program.

  38. davey says:

    If god has a voice he sounds like mr peter thomas….so captivating his voice and delivery is unrivaled….thank you mr peter thomas it’s pure joy listening to you! You’d make watching paint dry intriguing lol….god bless! You’re legendary!

  39. Donna says:

    Loved him on Wanda Sykes, and have enjoyed his mellifluous tones for years. I agree, he’s the Babe Ruth of the voiceover world.

  40. Tonia says:

    Just want to say I enjoy watching your show and hearing that unique voice. I can watch Forensic files all day. Over and over again.Thank you. You’re a wonderful narrator and keep up the good work.

  41. Barbara McCrear says:

    Mr. Peter Thomas, I am addicted to your voice. Sir, you are the best narrator of all creation.
    May GOD bless you, always.


  42. Kellie Armstead-McLaughlin says:

    You Sir Peter Thomas are absolutely amazing. I could listen to your voice all day long. I love your work on Forensic Files :) Would love to have your voice for my voicemail. Keep up the good work. Much Love xXx

  43. WILLIAM JINGO says:



    when i was in fifth grade my reading teacher had me to read the twelve days of x-mas,she said she just loved to hear me read with such sophistication for a fifth grader. this is how i feel about hearing your voice every time i look at forensic files etc. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL, BLESSED VOICE. LUV YA FRIEND

  45. patricia Pankonen says:

    I don’t think they get any better! I recently heard a voice on Netflix forensic files that sounded very much like Peter Thomas senior but was not sure if Jr. had done some for them also????

  46. Scott Boykin says:

    I do an impression of him and say, per Forensic Files, “they put some stuff on it…to see what it would do.”

  47. Isabel says:

    Great narrator and great American: Peter Thomas!!

  48. Isabel says:

    Wow, I really thought I was the only one who has used Peters calming voice as a sleep aid!!! I thought I was crazy (and my boyfriend is quite sure I am).

  49. bi tanju says:

    Wao.honestly he is the greatest narrator I have ever heard.he is great. Forensics files is my favorite show because of him.

  50. Flower Cerrato says:

    Mr Thomas, I am always very delighted to watch FF and listen your clear voice brings the program to life. Thank you, my condolences to you in the lost of your lovely wife! She now rest in peace in the presence of our lord

  51. TheGamingSoul says:

    If HLN has a YouTube channel I would subscribe 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times for peter thomas

    P.S. Peter don’t leave :DDDDDD
    God bless you, always :)

  52. Holley says:

    I am pregnant, and every night when forensic files is on, that is when the baby starts moving. I think that it is Mr.Thomas’s voice. Not only does the baby enjoy it but I find his voice very relaxing and calming. After reading about Mr. Thomas I have a great deal of respect and admiration for him. Thank you for everything!

  53. Chris says:

    I remember hearing his voice on (dating myself here) Ducane filmstrips from when I was a kid in the seventies. I distinctly remember a Native American story about the Mississippi River as a snake, and it’s Mr. Thomas’ voice. It was a comforting voice then, and it still is now. He has a timeless voice.

  54. Maria says:

    I love Mr. Thomas’ voice! I almost had a temper tantrum when channel 202 with our cable provider, changed the Forensic Files to something else, but about a week later it was back again! YAY, surely by ‘popular demand’! I don’t mind watching the reruns. Thank you, Mr. Thomas!

  55. Diane says:

    I just recently learned, after watching Forensic Files for YEARS, that Mr. Thomas’s voice is heard in the 1985 song “19” by Paul Hardcastle. I loved that song, and now I know why, though I had no idea who Peter Thomas was then. He is the most remarkable narrator ever, able to build suspense and interest with merely his voice. He is indeed gifted.

  56. Sonny says:

    Best friend is a person you would do anything for, no matter what! Stella was his best friend and peter is mine. I sincerely thank him for his love to humanity. On an ad for monday night football he once said “suck it up sonny boy” and stella made him stop an ad for burger king. Please pray for peter and ask him to “suck it up!”

  57. fredie says:

    he is the reason I looked him up. I wanted to know what the guy telling these crime scenes looked like.

  58. Christina mattas says:

    I agree i just looked bim up after warching Forensic Files, his voice makes these true stories more interesting. Now i finally know the man behind that voice!

  59. Kim Lyne says:

    Peter, you are the only reason I watch Forensic Files. I’ve watched it since the beginning (2001 I think) and it is the only TV show I watch anymore. I am very sorry to hear about your wife passing and I do hope that you get well soon! Please don’t leave. My prayers are with you.

  60. Catrissa Livets says:

    This man has the most smooth buttermilk voice to where I cannot go to bed without his voice…it puts me to sleep. My husband knows to put it on every night for me…love the show and Mr.Peters voice couldn’t see no one else doing this show

  61. DragonLady says:

    Since we became Forensic Files addicts, my husband and I cannot sleep without hearing Peter’s voice, we leave the show on all night, it is a show we watch when we get home from stressful workdays. Thank you for narrating these shows Peter!!! Our kids, 21 and 24 have also now just started getting hooked on the shows, it will be a show we will be watching our entire lives. :-)

  62. Eula says:

    One-of-a-kind narrator! His voice just draws you in! Very intriguing, mesmerizing, and fascinating! Irreplaceable!

  63. Jim zraiq says:

    I adore his voice..the only thing i dont like make me stuck listinning to him for hours..i wish 100 of years ahead of him.

  64. Linnie M. Upton says:

    I love watching “Forensic Files”, for the intriging technology, & for his wonderful voice. I could listen to him narrate anything. Thank you, Peter, for your service to our country.

  65. Angelo Secreto says:

    Outstanding narrative speaking voice, sometimes I watch the program just to get better ways to express something that has occurred or will happen, such class, very great work.

  66. Libby says:

    I have spent countless sleepless nights listening to Peter and Forensic Files. The sound of his voice calms and comforts me when nothing else can!

  67. jeliza norman says:

    That voice, so easy to listen to. So relaxing, his voice captures your attention. I also love to hear him when i’m settle down for evening cause it comforts me. I watch the program because it interesting and to hear the narrator.

  68. tom says:

    I watch the show when i go to bed. Mr.thomas helps me sleep I thank him for that. You guys need to give him more shows its been reruns for the last few yes old is old.

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