Forensic Files News Story

2020 Update from Forensic Files Creator Paul Dowling

Hello and Welcome!

Good news!  Forensic Files is back in production with 16 new episodes airing on HLN starting February 23, 2020 under the name Forensic Files II.

Lots of new cases with new forensic technology not yet in use when we last were in production.

As many of you know, Peter Thomas passed away several years ago.  No one will ever replace Peter and his unique talent.

After an extensive search, we’ve chosen Bill Camp as the  new narrator.

Bill’s style is similar to Peter’s campfire storytelling, but Bill has managed to make Forensic Files II his own.  We hope you’ll enjoy what he brings to these new episodes.

My superb #2 for the original 400 episodes, Vince Sherry, returns as Senior Producer of the new episodes.  He is enormously talented.  HLN’s Nancy Duffy is Executive Producer.  I’ve seen the first 10 new episodes and they’re outstanding!

Please watch and see if you agree.

Paul Dowling

Creator, Forensic Files