Hello and Welcome to the Forensic Files Website

I write this as I’m about to leave for Mipcom, the international television market held each year in Cannes, France. It’s hard to believe that Forensic Files has been broadcast and distributed in the U.S. and internationally now for 20 years. What a journey.

Forensic Files is still finding new audiences everywhere. Here, HLN has virtually become the Forensic Files network, airing hours and hours of programs in succession. I hear from viewers who weren’t even born when the series premiered. My two youngest children appeared briefly in the Forensic Files pilot as the children of the notorious Woodchipper Killer. Today they’re out of college, living on their own.

It was with great sorrow that I attended the funeral services for my friend, colleague and the true star of this series, Peter Thomas, who passed away in Naples, Florida this past June. The church was packed to overflowing with family, friends, colleagues, fans and dignitaries, including the Mayor of Naples and Florida’s Governor. It was a beautiful service.

Words cannot express how kind, considerate, unbelievably talented, patient, warm and hilariously funny he was to work with. Years ago, I begged him to write a book about his 60 plus years in the entertainment business. That didn’t happen but there is a wonderful YouTube video of a one-hour interview he did on Florida Public Television with clips from his on-camera days as a CBS News Anchor and other early pieces in television’s early years.. It’s well worth a look if you have the time.

The next time you watch a Forensic Files episode, listen closely. Peter isn’t doing a voice over narration. He’s a master story teller, painting pictures on the canvas of your mind just as he would if you were sitting around the campfire with hm. That was his genius.

There will never be another like him. .

Paul Dowling
Executive Producer


  1. Keep doing this, you & your team are good at it! I enjoy every episode and try never to miss one.
    Congrats on the 15th anniversary and good luck for the future!

    • Dear Paul, Forensic Files Team and beloved Peter Thomas, your show is my favorite! You tell a great story in professional unbias style that really offers society a true look into crime and why and how these terrible events happened. Human nature if you will. In a day of exagerated “reality ” shows that simply bore the public you are offering a learning experience with every episode. I mark my calendar to make sure I watch. I feel like I’m reading a short story on human nature and glad you give the results on what happened to the perp. Straight and honest and really convincing recreations I hope your show goes on forever as I’ll be tuning in. Now that the big episodes are on DVD I’ll be checking those out for my library so I can watch ant time. Thanks again and please keep up the GREAT work!

    • ok great but when will the first broardcast be?

    • Hey, cool- I just caught a Sunday morning at 9:30 sighting of a Forensic Files episode on TNT! It was from 2011, so fairly current, too! Nice. Thanks TNT !

  2. Tiffani S. Farthing

    You should included more full episodes on this site (that way many can have the show at their disposal non-stop). I have been so Attracted to Forensic science since watching the show a few years ago. I Love the Show! There is no case that should ever go Unsolved, evidence surrounds Everything!

  3. Why is it that I watch the same episodes over and over again? I know I’m a fan of the show. I love it, but I actually watch the repeats! You’d think I didn’t know what was going to happen. I actually know when I see Forensic Files stories on other shows. I’ll say, “Oh, yeah! I saw this story on Forensic Files!” I have actually, and this is no exaggeration, been able to supplement the other shows with info that I remember from Forensic Files.

    I say all that to say, keep you the good work! Myself and everyone I know loves this show. You can walk onto a random sidewalk, anywhere in America, and start telling a Forensic Files story and people will be able to pic up on the story. Whatever the formula is for how this show works keep it going. Peter Thomas is an integral part of the ambiance of the show, but I feel making three versions and then choosing one really helps get the story told correctly. I won’t ramble on, or maybe it’s too late for that, but again I love the show and I need more of it!

    Loyal fan,
    Bernard Williams
    Charlotte, NC

    • I feel the same way why the same show over and over again noow the . I read daily new murders you repeat repeat repeat I stopped watching. Today is the 8/13/14 same same.

    • Huge fan here also!! I too am frustrated with the SAME SHOWS OVER AND OVER!! I also watch them anyways and can almost do dialogue word for word 🙂 . I was a late bloomer and just got hip to this a year or so ago. I am currently watching them on CNN/HLN network. There has got to be a whole crop of these that are not being shown. Perhaps they only purchased the rights to a small portion of the total episodes?

  4. How many new episodes of Forensic Files are produced each year?

  5. I love watching your show and going over the clues while trying to figure out where the suspect messed up in his attempt at the “perfect crime”. I also want to say, and I mean this as a complement, when it is an episode I have already seen, Peter Thomas has a voice that can just soothe me into a good sleep. I was so glad to watch a new episode tonight. All the other shows seem to be doing the same story. Watch it on Dateline one week, same story next week on 20/20 or 48 Hour Mystery. Forensic Files has always been original and the half-hour show keeps you interested. One hour or two hour true crime shows seem to keep going over the same things they just told you or the same footage. Congratulations on 15 years of doing it right and being the best at it!
    Fan for life,
    James Keith
    Lebanon, IN

  6. I am a huge fan of Forensic Files! I have been watching it for almost 10 years now. But for the past year or so, I have not seen a new episode.

    I’ve been trying to catch the show on the usual Friday night but it is no longer on. It is even scheduled to air tonight at this time but there is another program on instead. Where is Forensic Files? I feel like I’m going through withdrawal from the show.

  7. I too have been trying to find “Forensic Files.” It used to be a nightly treat at home before going to bed for years. Now, the slots where “Forensic Files” used to be have been replaced with low-rent, rif-raf, slack-jaw entertainment that insults my intelligence…

    …so, I change the channel. – dc

  8. Aimee, I feel your pain. Often, I stay up (after waiting a week to unwind after contiuously working) and look for the show; however, TruTV decides to air another show in spite of having “Forensic Files” on schedule to air. This causes me to have withdrawals as well, as I am a big fan of the show. Hopefully TruTv will correct this error and keep many of its viewers content *sigh*

  9. Hi all,
    My husband and I have watched Forensic Files as long as the show has been on court TV, now, I cannot imagine to see what they replace the show with, a bunch of losers for lack of better words. I hope they realize what a mistake they have made and correct this as soon as possible. I sent an email regarding purchasing the videos, i’m still waiting for an answer. I don’t know what else to do..

  10. Hmm,
    Has anyone found an episode list for ALL the FORENSIC FILES episodes made over the years? I found a website that has tried to catalog them, http://www.thetvdb.com

    But their listing is incomplete and full of Errors! Who would believe that TruTV has produced 300 episodes of Forensic Files per year? Somebody, Please Help me find an accurate list!

  11. BTW – Even IMDB.com does not have an accurate list!

  12. What channel and time does forensic files featured on?

  13. You have had a huge influence on my decision to go into forensics. Just thought you should know you’ve inspired people like me to help put the bad guys away! Thanks for everything. You’ve really changed my life for the better.

    • Hi Cherie: I’m honored to have had a positive influence on your life, although you sound like the type who’d be a success no matter what you chose to do.

  14. Please post more episode! i luv forensic files ever!

  15. I am very interested in this field of work and watching the forensic investigation shows just keep me inspired.I cannot get enough.

  16. I have to say that Forensic FIles is one of my absolute favorite shows. I became addicted to this show years ago, and watching it actually is a great comfort to me (despite the murderous content). The only thing I am disappointed about is TruTV not regularly showing Forensic Files much anymore. I look everyday to see if by chance it would be on and unfortunately it usually is not. This makes me disappointed that TruTV would rather air shows about pawn shops and towing cars than true crime stories. Thank goodness you are releasing DVD’s and Lifetime will be airing FF! I LOVE this show and so does my family I hope it never goes off the air!

  17. can we get a list of the episodes on each DVD set?

    • Does anyone know the name of the episode where a young man confessed to a murder he did not commit and implicated his friend as well, and they were both convicted? After years, the real killer became a Christian and confessed to the crime and both boys were exonerated. Is this one of the episodes on the Convictions Overturned DVD? Thx!

      • I found the name of the episode- it is called “forever hold your peace” and deals with the wrongful conviction of Chris Ochoa and Richard Danziger.

        This episode came to my mind because the case reminds me a great deal of the current Ryan Ferguson case in Missouri; the situation in both cases is very similar. Ferguson was implicated by a friend who was intimidated into a false confession by police and was convicted of a crime he had nothing to do with. He has been trying to win an appeal to this day but the justice system in Missouri leaves much to be desired, apparently.

  18. Hi Paul,

    I read that y’all are on a break. Do you know when a new episode or new season might begin? I just turned my cable on last month after a two-year hiatus and this show is what I watch the most.

    Thank you,

  19. Forensic files/ medical detectives IS the best show on television, true crime category or else. The narrator is so talented that I can’t believe he isn’t all over the airwaves more than he is!

  20. Am from Kenya and I normally get the opportunity of watching the MEDICAL DETECTIVE on ETV of SOUTH AFRICA, I would like to congratulate you guys for the good work. Am always carried away by the narrator it makes me feel the being part of the scenes.
    keep up the videos rolling down.

  21. It would appear that Forensic Files is no longer on TruTV (formerly Court TV) even late on the weekends. Unless it comes on later than I’m willing to stay up, it would appear that it has been successfully deleted from the line-up. I may be wrong, but I just can’t find it anymore.

  22. I miss the show and was happy to see it on Lifetime one day accidentally flipping thru channels I recognized the announcer’s voice and reallized it WAS the same show!!! I hope you will make some more and keep us tuned in!!! I love the show, I like to try to figure it out before they do!!! Keep up the ood work!

    Tami C.

  23. I miss Forensic Files! Peter Thomas is the best. Hope to see more episodes soon!

  24. I truly miss Forensic Files. I have watched this show for the past 10years. There are millions of fans out that that was really missing this show. I really hope the show comes off of hiatus soon! 🙂

  25. I just checked mylifetime.com. All medical detectives episodes after 10/14 have been removed from the schedule(they were there Friday!). Is lifetime pulling medical detectives after just 5 weeks??? Say it ain’t so, Joe (er, Paul!) And why won’t TruTV repeat the season 10 episodes?

  26. I cannot express how much i enjoy Forensic Files. I could probably watch repeats all day long. I am glad to see the discs are now available on amazon, that is great news. However, when will season 10 episodes be on truTV again?

  27. There is no show I enjoy more than Forensic Files. If it were the only show on tv, that would suit me just fine. I wish you would have a weekend marathon sometimes. Also, would you please put more than six full-episode shows on your page. Thanks so much.

  28. Please make some new episodes. I’ve seen all the ones out a million times. Bring on the new ones.


    • Guys, relax. I guess you haven’t followed Paul’s twitter comments. They’re working on the new season now, and it will start in the first quarter of the year. Paul said Forensic Files is moving to another Turner network. The new episodes won’t be on trutv, but we’ll see them on another network. I’m sure Paul will announce shortly what network it will be. Keep an eye on his twitter updates. I’m really looking forward to the new season!

  30. I’m really disappointed with TruTV. I miss Court TV when we could catch Forensic Files other than 4am!!! FIND ANOTHER STATION TO AIR THE NEW SHOWS!!! Boo on TruTV!!!

  31. im the biggest fan of yall show and congrats..this doesnt come on very often and its kinda frustrating because i love this show

  32. Hi!

    This is my absolute favorite program in Sweden (TV4 Fakta) and I just wanna salute all those Crime Investigator, never given up and all those magnificent Forensic Scientist working behind the scene, when a crime has occured. It´s just incredible what can be achieved.

    Can´t salute you enough for what you all are doing. You are the best of the best.

    Also wish to tank the Producer and all those working with this serie for this program.

    My best wishes to you all. / Leif Mikkelsen

  33. Andrea, I personally prefer watching it at that time, only thing is that the episodes they’ve been airing for the past 3 years I’m familiar with already and know them like the back of my hand.

  34. This show has such an amazing way of making science, details, and hard work personally meaningful. Thanks for all the learning and enjoyment.

    Paul, are there any forensic science or detective websites that you recommend?

    Have you considered doing episodes in other countries? After 400 episodes it would seem this would add a lot of new aspects regarding juries, police procedures, and data systems available to look up criminals or clues.

    Any resources on deterring criminals that you recommend? If you put the Forensic Files name on a book like that, I would buy it. Or even one about what it is like to be in a career like homicide detective or forensic medical examiner.

    Awesome show!

  35. Hey…what is the episode where the husband and wife set up someone to have sex with wife, then the husband shoots the guy after he leaves “evidence” in his wife….and they both try to say the husband walked in on a rape….

  36. i would like to know the site where i can ask and research more on the things that the CSI do?

  37. I try to watch every episode when I can as most of the time I am at work at that time. I am presently intending to study Corporate forensic Investigation and I find this very interesting and I gain a lot of information on this. keep up the good work.

  38. I didn’t know you guys were still around. I guess I must of lost track of the show over the years. I throughly enjoy the show and I’m glad that I found it again through a stroke of luck. I happened to have worked on a case that was featured on one of your early episodes. I was quite surprised when some friends saw the show and told me that my name had been mentioned. This case is about 20 years old now and I still run across people that have seen the episode and recognize my name from the show. It’s really nice to have a show that is real and shows the public how forensics really works in the real world.

    Thanks for everything you do and here’s hoping the next 15 are as successful as the first.

  39. Producer Paul, I saw that the show has been on production hiatus since September of last year. You’re killing us!! LOL What does that mean and when will you start production again? I have all the DVDs and have watched them a number of times. Thx

  40. Hi,
    Ever since i discovered your show on TV, I always try as much as possible not to miss it. By the way am in Accra, Ghana and for me, it is one of my favourites, if not my favourite. Though what I watch is quiet old (date wise), I’m always intrigued. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  41. All-time favorite tv show. Can’t wait for new episodes.

  42. make a new episode already 6-10-2012

  43. Im wanting to know when are they going to cut those bs shows off truTV and place Forensics back on. 🙁

  44. Gretchen & Teman

    PLEASE hurry with the new episodes! My son and I are so ready for them. That is our Friday night ritual-Popcorn, Forensic Files, and lots of snuggling. 🙂

  45. Nice Job folks, and nice homage to Ed. I have been in the it field nearly 30 years, and would’nt have believed you can mend a broken disk. Gee, even good ones have given many errors. Anyway, yes, that was a classic episode, as are most of these. Your whole production -the cases profiled, the interviews, re-enactments, the background tracks, the foreground narration, even the episode titling- is the best class act going. Thanks for bringing us Forensic Files!

  46. Forensic Files should move to Investigation Discovery. FORGET TRUTV!!!

  47. josephine millado

    I’m hoping that forensics and forensic files will be in the philippine and that it will be strongly implemented in the law enforcement so that thousands of unsolved crimes will be put into justice,and the innocent languishing in jail shall be released.

  48. What happened to Forensic Files? For the past year, nothing but re-runs from 2008-2010 have been playing on TruTV! Lifetime TV only aired Medical Detectives for a short while then all episodes vanished. I don’t understand, I thought new episodes had been created. 🙁

  49. Will there be any new episodes released on truTV this year, or 2013?
    I live in Surprise,AZ, & Fridays nights hoping there will be something new to see:)

  50. when are we going to get new forensic files? its my favorite show even ive seen them all!!!

  51. Love Forensic Files!! Are there new episodes to be expected soon?

  52. This is, by far, the best show on TV. The voice of Peter Thomas is bar none, the best voice, ever, for crime scene investigations and murder mysteries. Forensic Files and Peter Thomas go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. I heard a Burger King commercial on the radio the other day. It was Peter Thomas. I thought there was a murder at Burger King. It was great. I will eat at Burger King, just because Peter Thomas is the voice to some of their commercials. I will always watch and support Forensic Files, especially with Peter on the mic. I LOVE THE SHOW! Keep up the great work FF team! Love yas!

  53. Paul said on his twitter account that they are in production and most likely will begin airing in September? As far as them being on a new network does anyone know about that?

  54. I’ve been browsing online more than three hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours Hello and Welcome to the Forensic Files Website | Forensic Files. It is pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did, the web will be a lot more useful than ever before.

  55. i am curious when all new episodes of forensic files will be on tv? and what channel.i love this show! please let me know.thanks.

  56. Dear Paul,congratulations for your excellent stories because permit us to know about the
    real human nature and at sametime is a valuable advise for not to be confident in any place
    around the world,I mean your program is very useful for crime prevention.

  57. they tell us there will be 3 networks showing episodes with differnt names which is fine but what network will play new epidsodes? im a big fan and i’ve seen every episode on lifetime and the 1’s uploaded on the site are old..so is the hln network going to premier the new episodes??…or is forensic files done filming for good?

  58. Forensic Files is the best show on TV. It has all the finest story elements that in combination with Peter THomas’s beautiful voice make for captivating entertainment. Every episode is beautifully organized and scripted. It is fascinating to discover in each episode how amazing science is, it’s power utilized and harnassed to apprehend and prosecute criminals is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  59. hey Paul, can you tell us exactly which days and time will the show be aired on tv? if im not mistaken, forensic files hasnt be on for couple weeks. since you guys are changing channels, is it still going to be on friday, saturday and sunday @10pm?

  60. Thank you so much for bringing Forensic Files aka Mystery Detectives back on the air. I was seriously going through withdrawls since TRU TV has taken it off at the 11 pm time slot and reduced it to 5 am. I have loved and been addicted to this show since 2004. It is of such high caliber and quality and I love Peter Thomas’s crystal clear narration on each and every show. I was going to start devoting all of my time to the Investigative Discovery channel until I came across HLN today and saw my favorite show. I don’t care whether you’re Forensic Files or Mystery Detectives, I’m so glad that you’re back on the air at a decent time. I love the show so much!!!!!

  61. The HLN schedule is confusing since they don’t describe which episodes are showing or even when the show is on. As far as I can see, there is just a block of programming entitled “HLN Mysteries”

  62. PLEASE make some new episodes, but please use Peter Thomas as always! 🙂

  63. Paul:
    Have loved this show since the beginning.
    But please…what possible good does it do to now add ‘bonus’ episodes, to already existing collections for sale on DVD? Those of us who have already purchased the sets previously find that frustrating, to say the least.
    Why wait? Put them ‘all’ out. With ‘on demand’ dvdr burning, there’s certainly not much risk. Don’t spend 10 years letting them trickle out every year. Some of us may not live that long.

    And an added suggestion would be to get away from the ‘episodes with similar subjects’ on each volume. I find that too repetitive when trying to watch a full dvd from start to finish.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work. Hope to see some new eps (and those old ones released) soon.

  64. Love this show. The narrator is the one of the best parts of the show. His voice is so intense when describing the crimes— it send chills through me. Plus, the detectives and scientists come out being heroes.

  65. I’ve been searching for months for an episode about a man who shot people in the head who were going to their cars, in grocery store parking lots, and later used their cars to drive to subsequent
    Bank robberies he later committed in the tristate area of Washington dc. He wore a ski mask, and was later confronted by a cop, who followed the robber, and ended up in a shoot out with the guy. A task force had been formed that ultimately identified the serial killer and murderer. Please help me identify that episode. Thank you.

  66. I really appreciate having access to these episodes. To be able to watch them over and over so I can analyze the reconstructed details of evidence. It is a machination of seemingly unrelated parts to a puzzle. Thank You!

  67. having access to forensic files is a great pleasure to me because it gives grneral knowledge about outdoors thing that we dont knw

  68. My favorite show for years. I noticed it kind of going away on TruTv, then just lately my wife noticed it was on HLN. I have benn watching episodes tonight on that channel. Can’t wait for the new episodes to start. Fantastic program. Well produced and I love the narrator Peter Thomas… Keep the show coming. There would be a sure void in my life if this program ever went off the air

  69. Forensic Files should have a video game

  70. como puedo hacerme de todos los capitulos soy un seguidor desde que empezo esta serie un saludo GRACIAS

  71. I’m so glad HLN started airing this show. It is by far my favorite show on television and when TruTv decided to replace this masterpiece with “Worlds Dumbest”, I was heartbroken. Keep up the great work Forensic Files!

  72. The episode about 9 year old Valery Jackson-I was so heartbroken I still say a prayer for this child often. A little redhead killed by her own father in 1999 so he could continue a relationship with a girlfriend, YES HE DID, This show has taught me to believe that anyone can be capable of ANYTHING!!!!

  73. I LOVE this show!! Brilliant, interesting TV program and in this day and age, these are a dying breed! Keep up the professional, tasteful work!! It is greatly appreciated and enjoyed by millions!

  74. Paul & Forensic Files team,

    Are there any plans to start a new season? Its understandable that with 500+ episodes, you may very well be running out of new material. However, I’m hoping that the show will continue and Peter will remain its commanding narrator.

    Thanks for your hard-work and creative spirit. I’ve watched many different forensic-investigative shows, but without a doubt, Forensic Files is the best (and frankly, most addictive).

    • Highly doubt that new material starts too run low, with crime happening each and every day. But love the show, hate the new name mystery detectives, sounds for some reason rushed and inconsiderate…

  75. With the direction the show is going with no new episodes. I’m glad i own one of the Dvd’s! I have Serial Killers and got it for $4.99 @ Best buy

  76. So after a lot of searching it looks like Forensic Files has been renamed Mystery Detectives and is on HDLN (CNN headline news). It begins at 9pm on Fridays (marathon) and another marathon at 3pm Saturdays. There is no description listed on the channel guide so I have no idea if the episodes are new or old. I will find out Sunday when I start watching all the DVR’d shows. TRuTv is so stupid for cancelling this wonderful show. Forensic Files is a much better name.

  77. This is the only show I miss since I cut my cable 2 years ago. Are there any plans to use one of the many streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, etc.)? Otherwise are there any plans to release entire season DVDs (chronological) rather than the current DVDs with related material?

  78. Love, love this show!!! More episodes, please!

  79. Please do some more interesting episodes

  80. GIVE US MORE FORENSIC FILES!! Best show on TV. We need a new season! Is that in the works?

  81. With 400 episodes why do they keep showing the same 40 ones over and over on HLN? It’s infuriating!

    • Has anyone answered why HLN continues to show the same episodes over nd over again from 2008 and 2009? The show was on longer before that as well as after. Are they not allowed to show those shows? They look real foolish playing the same shows over and over again all day long.

  82. PLEASE bring back Forensic Files! I watched that show growing up for years..It was ALWAYS a must watch Forensic Friday’s when two new episodes would air…I miss it Paul and so do sooo many other people..BRING IT BACK. Its missed.

  83. Thanks guys you are doing a great job keep it up..

  84. My hubby and I love to watch the show, but the re-runs are starting to get really old. Hope to see something new soon.

  85. I watch the show on etv in RSA,what a GOOD work.

  86. I just enjoy the show even though I have seen them over and over again.
    Wish new more episodes . Great work!!!!

  87. Hi I was just wondering if you guys are going to do another season?

  88. I literally jumped up and down with glee when I saw that Forensic Files was now on Amazon Prime. I watch an episode every night before I go to bed. I’ve love your show for years! Thanks for putting it on Amazon Prime!!!!!

    I noticed that you are putting the “Best Of” seasons up. Are there any plans to put up entire seasons? I would pay (above and beyond my Prime membership) to watch entire seasons.

  89. Thanks for the Best of series on Prime and thanks for the 8 DVD’s that I purchased, but there are still many that I cannot find anywhere. I got my list of episodes from Wikipedia, and the last time I wrote, I was told some titles I had were working titles, not the end titles. Does anyone have a complete list of episodes (not working titles) for all the seasons? My goal is to either watch, or buy and watch every episode.

  90. I would like to know if this is real I have a son that passed away in December an they said he committed suicide an I know he didn’t how much would it cost for you to take his case

  91. Good in concept, but sloppy in delivery. Episodes all too often showing people handling forensic evidence with bare hands, convictions made by assumptions, murder convictions made with no body found (not even sure how that is possible), inaccuracies in evidence chains and data presented, not to mention continually seeing “experts” testing DNA samples without tying back or covering their own hair. I can see why this show was cancelled. Too bad they didn’t put more into making stories that aren’t riddled with giant holes. I truly hope that they are doing better than this with real criminal investigations.

  92. When is forensic files going to come back with new episodes? One of the only good shows left!

  93. Forensic Files is one on my all-time favorites. I like that they have 30-minute segments instead of dragging them out for an hour. And the narrator’s voice is perfect! Only wish they would include more episodes in the rotation. The Capitol Crimes episode is one of my favs. Haven’t seen it yet on HLN. But please keep showing the reruns!

  94. Love the show!

  95. Need new episodes I love watching that show.

  96. 14 seasons of “Forensic Files” and HLN seems to only show the same 15 episodes every weekend.

  97. Why does HLN only show the same episodes every weekend? The episodes are great, but they need to broaden the library of episodes. There’s quite a few seasons out there, plus a lot of episodes. Please HLN add more episodes to the ones you have!

  98. HLN just announced 100 new episodes coming soon.

    • The only shows on TV worth watching: Forensic Files, Dateline, and 48 Hours.
      Thankfully, Forensic Files will have 100 new episodes. I’ve watched a half dozen times each episode. More than time for new ones.

  99. I absolutely love Forensic Files; it’s flawless AND educational. I used to watch Cold Case Files with Bill Kurtis but some of the cases still remain cold – very disappointing at the end. I’m more interested in seeing the perpetrators being caught at the end. I love how you cover everything in 30 minutes. Rest assured, your hard work producing this great show is not going unnoticed. I read some of the comments here and it seems others share my sentiments. My only complaint to my husband was “I WANT TO SEE MORE!!!” We record all the episodes so we can zip through the commercials. Last week, as we were watching the show, there was an ad for new episodes starting on October 27, 2014. I pray that we have no more crime in the world, and if we do, I pray that they ALL get solved through advanced technology and science. It’s finally catching up to these perpetrators, and continues to do so (regardless how many years they hid from their crimes.). Technology is teaching us more about science, and science continues to advance the technology. There are many unknown regions we haven’t explored yet; but for now, DNA will do. My deepest gratitude to every member of this great show.

  100. Great show! Thanks for the new shows, “bring it on”!!!

  101. I am totally addicted to Forensic Files. I have even gotten my husband hooked on it. I am truly fascinated how the crime is solved with just the tiniest bit of evidence left at the scene. I was raped when I was 18 (now 52) and even though reported to police, nothing was ever done. I wonder if my fascination with this show has anything to do with having dealt with crime in my past. Although I too love shows like Cold Case Files, I think those leave me kind of sad because those too have not been solved. And I, too, cannot wait until tonight to watch the new episodes coming out!! Thank you…Thank you….THANK YOU! I hope you know just how much we absolutely love Forensic Files! I’ll be watching!!!!

  102. I’m glad that there are new episodes but I’m not sure when they air in Las Vegas!! When I try to DVR the new shows it doesn’t show that the show is NEW. I would like to DVR the NEW shows so I don’t miss the 100 NEW shows!! HELP PLEASE!!!

  103. Too many commercials! The frequency of commercial interruptions is alarming. We find ourselves avoiding a show we both really like . . . on account of the seemingly continuous commercials !

  104. Greetingsfrom Puerto Rico: I just discovered Forensic Files on HLN few months ago. So every episode is new to me. I’m hooked!!! It’s amazing to see what DNA tests can do. People can learn a lot watching Forensic Files, specially, older people living alone. LOVE the show!!!

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  117. By the way, I love the show. I think it performs a valuable contribution to society. Unfortunately, people who have wrong intentions might also learn how to tweak what they are doing. Information is always a double-edged sword.

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    • No, as of June 2015 there were no new shows planned. All the fans are anxiously awaiting new shows but they have been on hiatus forba long time. Peter Thomas, the narrator is elderly (in his 90s) and semi-retired, so each year the likelihood of more episodes with him goes down. I hope they hurry and do at least one more season, just for the fans who have been so loyal.

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    I miss the show!

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    is a blessing, I sometimes simulate him when reading.

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  133. I really appreciate that your re-enactments are not overly graphic. You present the crimes in a manner that is respectful to the victims and their families.

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    I like to watch “Forensic Files” because I like to follow the stories: of injustice and mystery and the people who, literally, try to find the truth and to bring justice.  

    I like watching the stories unfold: by observation, investigation, science, sometimes intuition, reasoning, and drawing a conclusion.  I also like to see determination and persistence for justice. I like the good use of video, music, narration, and interviews.

    I especially like that the shows are respectful of the victims and their families; I appreciate that the shows concentrate on detective work and science instead of graphic reproductions of crimes. 

    Peter Thomas’ voice and diction and narration are a pleasure to hear, too. 

    It’s good to see a show that presents law enforcement and prosecutors as professionals who are working for justice.   Thank you.  

    Please make some new episodes of “Forensic Files.”  

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  137. I too have been a fan for years. I am a rancher, businessman and a biochemist. I taught high school and college forensic science, biology and chemistry. Your series is simply the best. No overstatement, no hype, and no multiple repeats of the same info as we see with other shows. I appreciate the format and the combination of science and human interest. I think that is why it is so widely accepted by the public. They are tired of all the hype and unnecessary drama, and enjoy hearing from actual lawyers, scientists, technicians, agents, law enforcement and others. I do hope you will get the funding to bring they show back. I know it helped student make the decision to enter the field of forensic science.

  138. I. LOVE. THIS. SHOW. I am so glad that it is always on HLN. I wish they would just change the name HLN to “The Forensic Files Channel.” Whenever I’m home I turn on my TV and get so happy that it’s almost always on that channel. The show is so perfectly good. It’s so scary because the things that happened are all real. It’s so amazing to find out how forensics help catch the people dumb enough to commit murder. It’s also nice to know that it will probably help people think twice about committing murder because even the people that think they have everything planned out, soon learn that they made SO MANY mistakes. Unavoidable ones. Forensics WILL FIND YOU! Thank you so much for this show! Oh and I LOVE the man that narrates it! His voice is so perfect! I pray that new episodes will get filmed. I love this show!

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  141. I love this show, I’m a more recent fan of this ow but I have learnt so much about what they all do! It even got me interested in become a blood splatter analyst if I can’t get my other job! Even my friend wants to become a forensic anthropologist cause of this show

  142. I LOVE Forensic Files! Everything about the show is done brilliantly, between the voice of Peter Thomas and the reenactments that are all too convincing. Anyways, I NEVER miss an episode because I listen to HLN on Sirius XM in my car and Forensic Files is played all day long it seems. I love it! Keep up the great work!

  143. One of the best shows of all time. The narrator’s voice is just like a lullaby, puts me to sleep every time. It’s ok, I think I have seen every single episode by now. My favorite episodes are Helle Crafts (s01e01), Fred Grabbe ‘Root of All Evil’ and Dana Ewell “Two In a Million”. Those are 2 of the most bizarre ones. But I have so many more. *sighhh* i come to this website every so often just to see what everyone else is saying. I’m sure the original narrator is retired by now. There have been so many murders since Forensic Files went on hiatus , I always think about how it would be played out on the show. Lol What are some of y’alls favs?

  144. Thank you for all of the episodes. I started teaching a High School Forensics class last year, and Forensic Files are a fun and interesting way to introduce evidence collection to my students! It is great because I can look up episodes about a specific branch of forensics and there is always one available and my students actually LEARN from it! Thanks again!

  145. I have just heard about the death of Peter Thomas. I’m so sad. Only his incredible life can eclipse that phenomenal voice. He will never be forgotten. Thankfully his voice will live on through Forensic Files. I know that many have asked about bringing back Forensic Files and that Paul has said he doesn’t think it would ever work without Peter. I can’t imagine that it could. The only possibility would be if his son or grandson that do voice over work sounds very similar. Other than that I don’t think people could embrace anyone else. Forensic Files was perfectly complimented by Peter’s narration. It has sealed it’s place in history as a true crime television masterpiece.

  146. Rest in peace Peter Thomas. Forensic files will never be the same with out you!

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