Filtered Out

A teenager goes missing, and her body is discovered 17 days later at the bottom of an isolated ravine. Police find a shell casing, a filter torn from a cigarette and a muddy footprint on the victim’s shirt which they hope will lead to the killer.

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  1. i am wanting to specialize in forensic science and I was wandering if the percentege of amounts of killings is high or low? I would like to know because i find this subject very interesting and I really will like this job. I like doing a lot of running around.

  2. im following forensic files on tv here in south africa-capetown and never want 2miss this education for the world.I allso research fbi on google and most wanted crimanals on interpol and shared on sôcialmedia to help aprehend.sceince is always my best subject.Thanks to mediçal detectives and laws.Great work.

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