Expert Witness

The killer was meticulous, washing everything at the scene, including the victim’s body.  The only definitive evidence was a single hair. Three years later he struck again and, this time, what he left behind would prove he committed both crimes.

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  1. I would like to have this kind of forensic people in my country in order to caugh up a lot of killer people, but… it’s so pity bad persons are everywhere as free and safe. I love to watch in the t.v. all your episodes of f.f., no matter if they are repeated, I wonder when will be new of them? Please I wait.

  2. I would like to see more cases involving a Forensic Toxicologist if any, to see their method when they deal with cases because I am fascinated about them.

  3. I love your show so much. Please make more. Every night I stay up super late watching this on Netflix. Thanks for making this a show❤️

  4. Im an artist i love my field,but…i would of also loved being a detective to help solve crimes ☺

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