Drowning Sorrows

A family vacation becomes a nightmare when the wife is found face-down in the lake.  Determining the manner of her death proves to be difficult… until a forensic pathologist uses a groundbreaking technique to discover the truth.

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  1. Love this show. It ia amazing what some people think what they can get away with. Keep up the good work. I am addictive to this show.

  2. Suggestion: talk abou profiles of criminal lives. Like how some operate out of The Bar Lifestyle. That’s all they know. They’ve learned to control or abuse out of these dark places, like they say of prison: the best place to perfect their craft. So people know more about the lifestyle, the habits of criminals, not just how they get caught. Doing public service that way: ‘this guy spent his life in a lowlife bar scene before prison. Thanks for your efforts.

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