Dirty Laundry

The victim was a self-made man who never minced words.  Perhaps he was murdered by a disgruntled employee.  Perhaps the racy photos in his safe held the clue to solving the crime.  Or perhaps investigators could follow the money and find the killer.


  1. we need more forensic files videos this are great investigationes. MAN this is AMERICA

  2. i really enjoy watching medical detectives due to the ingenuity which is displayed by various professionals who work hand-in-hand in unravelling the mysteries behind murders. however, i am no more home so i do not get the chance to watch it regularly. please could it be possible that the stories be made also in written forms ( esp pdf format) so that i can download and read?

  3. If I communieactd I could thank you enough for this, I’d be lying.

  4. Medical Detectives Hello friends!
    I am Brazilian and I love this wonderful series, is my favorite.
    You do a great job. Besides showing the advances in
    forensic technology, impartially portrays the crimes that without these
    competent and dedicated professionals go unpunished.
    Congratulations to Brazil loves you!

  5. Jaziebel Forrresters

    I watch almost all the episodes broadcast in South Africa. You do such a great job,,big up medical detectives.

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