Compilation Forensic Files DVDs

Convictions Overturned

Accident or Murder?

All Butt Certain

Forever Hold Your Peace

Freedom Fighter

Grave Evidence

Man’s Best Friend?

Once Bitten

Plastic Fire

A Shot in the Dark

Where the Blood Drops

Within a Hair

Within Arm’s Reach


Crimes of Passion

As the Tide Turns

Crash Course

Dinner and a Movie

Dirty Laundry

Ghost in the Machine

Hell’s Kitchen

Internal Affair

Naughty or Nyce

Sunday School Ambush

A Voice from Beyond

Web of Seduction

A Welcome Intrusion


Death by Poison

Bad Medicine

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Cold Hearted

Dessert Served Cold

Freeze Framed

Hair Line

The Metal Business

Political Thriller

Sunday’s Wake

Water Hazard

Without a Trace

Writer’s Block


Historic Cases


Cats, Flies and Snapshots

Chief Evidence

Drowning Sorrows

Fire Proof

Nice Threads

Over a Barrel

Purr-fect Match

Reel Danger

“Shear” Luck

Ticker Tape

Tight-fitting Genes


Kidnapping Cases

A Bag of Evidence

Best Foot Forward

Innocence Lost


Last Will

Sphere of Influence

Tooth or Consequences

A Touching Recollection

Transaction Failed


Without a Prayer

A Woman Scorned


Medical Mysteries

Bitter Potion

Breaking the Mold

Broken Bond

Core Evidence

Deadly Formula

Fatal Fungus

Legionnaires’ Disease

Nursery Crimes

Something’s Fishy

‘til Death Do Us Part

Ultimate Betrayal

With Every Breath

Serial Killers

Calculated Coincidence

The Common Thread

Insignificant Others

Knot for Everyone

Penchant for Poison

Screen Pass

Sign of the Zodiac

Sip of Sins

Southside Strangler

Ties That Bind

Touch of Evil

Treads and Threads


Sex Crimes

Bad Blood

Badge of Deceit

Double Cross

Palm Print Conviction

Pet Rock

Photo Finish

Quite a Spectacle

Smiley Face

Soft Touch

Telltale Tracks


Window Watcher