A Real Blast

The Forensic Files episode “Tagging A Suspect”, contains an explosive re-enactment. Watch how our re-enactment team assembled this scene.

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  1. Hi there…just wondering y production has stopped on forensic files? What happened to the marathons of forensic files that used to air on Saturdays? Are you going to have new shows with Peter Thomas as the narrator? It wouldn’t be a show without him. Can the fans write someone who would really care because there are thousands of fans who want this show back on. Thank u-Melissa

    1. The show is in production now and they are saying new episodes will air in September. I dont know what you mean about truths marathons. It is on at 11 and 11 30 pm on Friday and Saturday and Weekdays at 5 am. I just record the episodes on DVR.

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