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Forensic Files® is a pioneer in the field of fact-based, high-tech, dramatic storytelling. This series of television programs delves into the world of forensic science, profiling intriguing crimes, accidents and outbreaks of disease from around the world!

Follow coroners, medical examiners, physicians, emergency medical and law enforcement personnel, the press and legal experts as they seek solutions to puzzling, often baffling cases whose riddles are ultimately solved by forensic detection.

True-crime buffs will love the engrossing blend of detail, mystery, and medical investigation. Forensic Files® puts a new spin on the “whodunit” genre.

Important aspects of this critically acclaimed, award winning series produced by Medstar Television:

* Seen in 142 countries worldwide
* 3-D (three-dimensional) computer animations graphically depict how the crimes took place
True-to-life reenactments dramatically portray step-by-step how each crime was carried out
* Intimate, personal profiles of those who lived through the events draw you into the action



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First episode, Helle Crafts, airs on TLC as Medical Detectives
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Show moves to CourtTV and is renamed Forensic Files
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Airs internationally in 142 countries worldwide
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HLN reboots the series with new episodes produced by them called Forensic Files II
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Forensic Files begins streaming online after a deal is struck with FilmRise
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The 25th anniversary of Forensic Files is celebrated

Forensic Files Appreciation

"Watching Forensic Files and felt like a king."

– Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson,

Actor, Entertainer
"Forensic Files is my boyfriend."

– Demi Lovato,

“Why would you watch CSI or any of the other shows if you can watch the real thing?”

– Jay Leno,

“What the producers do so well is structure these forensic mysteries in a way that holds your attention… simple, straight forward, compelling. Dare I say, it’s the best show on television.”

– Kristin Chenoweth,

Broadway Actress
“Forensic Files is my favorite show! I am fascinated with forensics & this show really shows how crimes come to life & how forensics solve these crimes.”

– Kim Kardashian,

Media Personality
“I am completely and utterly hooked to all the great shows on A&E and Court TV (now tru TV) that are about small town murder. These shows like “Forensic Files.””

– Kevin Pollack,


Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the HLN website for more details.

Paul Dowling created what is called Forensic Files. You may find him on twitter here

Yes, they are titled differently based on your location. 

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to conduct independent investigations. However, there are many Innocence Projects in the U.S. that devote their time specifically to the exoneration of individuals believed to be innocent. Please click here to find the Innocence Project nearest to you.

Again, we cannot conduct independent investigations, however, there are organizations that can refer you those who may be able to help:

National Center For Victims of Crime
(202) 467-8700

National Center for Parents of Murdered Children, Inc.

The United States Department of Justice
Help for Victims of Crime

Our Resources Page lists different forensic science fields, forensic terms, and some helpful links to professional organizations. We highly suggest you visit the American Academy of Forensic Science (LINK: website. They have a program called the Young Forensic Scientists Forum (YFSF), which is dedicated to helping young people who want to become forensic scientists. Here you will find resources including colleges with forensic science programs, mentoring programs, newsletters, and links to other organizations.